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Powerful Plates

Powerful Plates
If your facility needs education on plate presentation - look no further! We make understanding the new IDDSI diets EASY while offering your dietary staff culinary training on plate presentation. 🌈

Powerful Plates: Presentation and Plating Techniques

One of the EASIEST things you can do to enhance the food at your facility is to have POWERFUL PLATES! Does this mean you need a new menu? I mean maybe... 😉, but there is so much you can do by just playing your dish well. A little thought into presentation goes a LONG way.
Have you heard the saying, "you eat with your eyes first?" 👀 One of the biggest battles we face in long-term care is poor appetite and weight loss. We need our food to TASTE good and LOOK good to our residents.
Here are 3 things you can start doing NOW:
⏰ present the protein on the SOUTH side
🍋 think beyond lemon and kale
🌶 not just for the flavor
Call us today to schedule a facility inservice on plate presentation.  CEUs for CDMs and RDNs are available.  325-262-2133