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Grilling Up a Balanced Meal!

Welcome to the first edition of OdomRD’s Cooking Corner! The warming weather and the glimpses of Bluebonnets on the roadside provide affirmation that, yes, spring is finally here! I think it is safe to say that most of America has a newfound appreciation for the outdoors after a year of cabin fever. So, there is no better way to maximize your time outdoors than to cook an entire meal on the grill, including dessert, using products made in Texas! Grilling can bring back some less than tasty memories for some— hamburgers deemed fit to be used as a hockey puck, rare chicken to provide you with the most literal version of farm to table. BUT have no fear! Mastering the art of grilling does not have to be daunting. We hope this video and blog will help to increase your time outdoors, elevate your palate, and support locally owned Texas products!



-BBQ grill

-Skewers or Grill Pan


-Basting brush

-Pineapple Corer

-Chef’s knife



-Chicken- We used leg quarters from Moody’s Meat Market located in Corpus Christi, TX.

-Vegetables- Any type will do! We used zucchini, squash, bell pepper, and onions but other suggestions include mushrooms, asparagus, and tomatoes.

-Olive oil- Texas Hill Country Olive Co is our olive oil of choice. They are located in Dripping Springs and have a wonderful collection of olive oils (flavored too!) and balsamic vinaigrettes

-Chicken Shit Seasoning- This seasoning comes from Big Cock Ranch located in Lexington, TX. They have a variety of seasonings to pair with your favorite steak or veggies (the Special Shit Seasoning is what we used on our veggies).

-Special Shit Seasoning

-Fischer and Wieser Charred Pineapple Bourbon Sauce- Located in Fredericksburg, TX, Fischer and Wieser has a wide variety of sauces and include pictures on the label as a guide for pairing with meats. Any of their sauces would work. Also available at HEB.


-Cayenne Pepper

-Fresh mango and pineapple cut into large pieces and half rounds, respectively


  1. Sanitize your work area
  2. Rinse the chicken, place on a large pan or plate, and pat dry
  3. In a small bowl, pour olive oil and use a basting brush to coat chicken.

**TIP: If using chicken with skin on,  coat underneath skin with olive oil too.

  1. Generously coat the chicken, top, bottom, and under the skin, with the Chicken Shit seasoning.
  2. In a small bowl, pour marinade and use a basting brush to coat underneath the skin only. If cooking with skinless chicken, skip this step but have the marinade and basting brush ready to coat chicken towards the end of the cooking time.
  3. Turn the grill on and coat with cooking spray.

**TIP: Try adding a smoky flavor! Soak wood chips in water while prepping the chicken. Create a boat out of aluminum foil, place the wood chips in the boat, and place the boat under the grill. The wood chips can last for 1-2 more times of grilling.

  1. Let the grill heat to 375-400o This will be the temperature range to keep the grill throughout the entire process.
  2. Once the grill has reached the desired temperature, place the chicken skin side up on the grill.
  3. Monitor the temperature and allow chicken to cook for ~30 minutes. Use a thermometer to check the temperature. Once the chicken is in the 150o temperature range, apply the marinade to the tops of the chicken and flip the chicken skin side down. Let the chicken cook for an additional 5-10 minutes. Flip the chicken over and check the temperature. The chicken is safe to remove from the grill once it has reached a temperature of 165o


  1. Wash vegetables and pat dry. Cut vegetables to desired thickness and size.

**TIP: If using skewers, cut vegetables to approximate equal size.

  1. Place cut vegetables in a bowl and toss with olive oil and add a generous amount of Special Shit seasoning.
  2. Place vegetables on grill pan or skewers.

**TIP: If using skewers, make sure to space vegetables evenly apart so that they will cook evenly.

  1. Place vegetables on grill. Maintain grill temperature between 375-400oF for 20-30 minutes or until desired tenderness.


  1. Cut fresh mango into large chunks. Use a corer to de-core pineapple into rings. Place mango and pineapple in a bowl and toss with 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp of Cayenne pepper.
  2. Place fruit on a grill pan. Maintain grill temperature between 375-400oF for 20-30 minutes or until desired doneness. Fruit will be slightly darker in color and have some char.



Food Prep and Grilling by Cynthia Spurgat, MS, RD, LD

Videography and Post-Production by Tessa Comstock, MS, RD, LD